What is a Main Sewer Line?

Do You Know What Your Main Sewer Line Is Responsible For Doing?

The main sewer line is the primary line used to carry wastewater and solid waste away from the home. Each home or business is built different, but the sewer main line typically gathers all of the water that’s expelled from your sinks, toilet, and tub, then it’s collected underground, and distributed to the main sewer in the front of your home.

Some homes are built with a septic tank in the back that’s responsible for drawing the contents of your main sewer line. The most popular sewer line is currently the trenchless pipe, which is a pipe in a pipe model. When the main sewer line is faulty, you’re advised to call in the help of a professional plumber.

What Causes A Sewer Main Line To Malfunction?

The main reason many main sewer lines malfunction is due to clogging. Older clay pipes are subjected to underground tree roots that contribute to clogging, but flushing items down the toilet that don’t break down well or pouring grease down the kitchen sink can contribute to clogged lines as well.

A clogged main sewer line can be corrected by a drain snake or require the help of a professional.

Items To Avoid Flushing Or Pouring

  • paper towels
  • cloth
  • sanitary napkins
  • heavy items (i.e. kids toys)
  • solid food items

For example, it’s advertised that you can flush baby wipes, but most plumbers will agree, they don’t break down easily over time. In fact, some drain cleaners go in well but don’t break down within your pipes as easily. The best way to keep your sewer main in great condition is to avoid clogs and get preventative maintenance. When you have to get the entire sewer line replaced, this can be very pricey.

Dealing with a main sewer line problem is never a fun task and if not properly dealt with can lead to serious issues down the road. Many neighborhoods throughout the Minneapolis metro area are susceptible to main sewer line issues due to the age of their homes and the material the lines are made of.

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