Septic vs Sewer: What You Need to Know

Drainage systems play an important role in our daily lives. Every time someone does laundry runs the dishwasher, takes a shower or flushes the toilet a drainage system takes the waste and dirty water away from our living space. Let’s take a brief look at the two drainage systems primarily used for this purpose, septic systems, and sewer systems.

septic tank installation into the ground
Similarities of Septic and Sewer Systems

Septic and sewer systems are similar in that they both work to drain waste water away from our homes, but both systems are usually grouped together as the same in the minds of many consumers. Knowing the difference between the two systems is important to understand what your home currently operates with, and how this may affect your household.

Differences Between Sewer and Septic Systems

  • Septic System: Used mostly in rural homes, a septic system acts as a private water treatment center. Wastewater is held in a tank which must be then pumped out every 3 to 5 years.
  • Sewer System: Sewer systems connect entire neighborhoods to the main line that diverts wastewater to a larger treatment plant where the water is filtered and cleaned before being released back into the environment

Benefits of a Septic System Over a Sewer System

Septic systems are becoming increasingly popular for one big reason – concern for the environment. A sewer system relies on energy and chemicals to do its job. The system works great until it overflows because of overuse or flooding which can release large amounts of untreated water (raw sewage) into the environment. Septic systems do not use the level of chemicals that sewer systems do, making them the more eco-friendly choice.

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Regardless of which drainage system you use, it will need regular maintenance to function properly. It may on occasion need a repair. Minneapolis, North Metro and St. Paul residents can call on Dean’s Professional Plumbing, Heating & Air for all their septic, sewer and plumbing needs.

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