Electrical Safety During a Storm

Storms can be dangerous, out on a boat or walking in the rain and lightening or snowstorms. But, they can wreak havoc in the home as well. Most people, consider their home a refuge from anything short of an earthquake and won’t typically think of what an electrical storm could potentially do. Here, we’ll make sure you can sit at the window with a hot beverage or libation of choice and watch the storm safely or, find refuge outdoors without it weighing heavy on your mind.

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Electrical Safety During a Storm Indoors

If you’re inside a home it’s rare that you’ll be hit by a direct lightning strike. But, it’s strongly suggested you stay away from windows. Lightning is an interesting phenomenon and has been known to make its way through doors and windows.

Make sure you’re using only a cell phone during an electrical storm and refrain from using a corded landline unless it’s an emergency. Lightning does travel fast and without warning through the phone.

Unplug anything you’ve got plugged in within the area that you’re sitting, sleeping or eating in. Do so before the storm arrives if you can, and stay clear of any electrical appliances while the storm is active. Lightning can and has come through appliances before.

Electrical Safety During a Storm Outside

There are rules for you and your pets. Neither of you should be left outside. Doghouses are not grounded and chains, ropes, and trees will conduct electricity to your animal and for that matter, to you.

No, we don’t think you’ll be chained to anything but if you think taking refuge under a tree is a good idea, think again, you don’t have to be the tallest thing around, you just need to be close enough and that’s within a few feet. The lightning doesn’t have to strike directly into your body to injure or kill. The amperage extends outward from the actual stream {think Ghost Busters: “Don’t cross the streams”. If you’re near it, it’s not good.

Having an in-house electrical assessment by a licensed electrician is a good idea. This can save you money in the long run when you lose power due to electrical surges in the home. Call Dean’s now for a consultation.

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