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Maintaining Your Washer and Dryer

Don’t leave your washer and dryer unattended. We’re not saying that you have to stand there while doing laundry, we’re talking about maintenance. The washer and dryer have some of the greatest potential to cause a flood or a fire – so here are a few ways you can prevent it from happening:

Clothes Dryer Lint Trap

  1. Replace the hoses: if your washer/dryer hoses are more than 5 years old, it’s to replace them. Be sure to turn off the hot and cold water valves before removing the hoses or you could end up with a big mess.
  2. Clean the screen: debris and sediment builds up on the filters over time and can slow the flow of water to the machine.
  3. Stop the drip: adding a drip pan underneath the washer will help catch and leaks. Check to make sure the drip pan is dry, otherwise you may have a problem.
  4. Clean the lint: neglecting to clean the lint trap is a great way to start a fire. If you can’t fit your hand in to remove the lint, use a snorkel brush.
  5. Clear the exhaust vent: you should clean the ductwork two times per year. Disconnect it from the dryer exhaust and the exterior vent and clean it out using a dryer-vent brush.

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