Spooky Signs It’s Time For An Electrical Outlet Upgrade

Halloween may be a spooky time of the year, but nothing should frighten you more than damaged electrical outlets! Not only do they prevent your appliances from working, but they also increase the chances of home fires.

electrical outlet spark

Signs You Need an Electrical Outlet Upgrade

They Aren’t GFCI Outlets

All outlets in residential homes and commercial buildings should have GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlets. If you don’t you need to call an electrician immediately.

Your Outlets are Sparking

If your electrical outlets are sparking when you plug in an appliance or device, it needs to be replaced. You also might have overloaded your outlet with too many plug-ins.

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Your Outlets Have Loose Sockets

Constantly plugging devices in and out of your outlets can cause them to loosen — loose connections are a fire and safety hazard that needs professional attention ASAP.

Your Circuits Frequently Trip

It may be spooky when your circuit trips unexpectedly, but it’s an indication that it’s time for an electrical upgrade!

If you want a professional inspection, then contact your professional electrical experts at Dean’s Professional. You can call 24/7 – we are ready for any emergency in Minneapolis or Saint Paul. Sleep better at night by calling your Twin Cities electrical services pros at Dean’s.

Whether it’s installing a ceiling fan or rewiring an entire home, Dean’s Electric is the trusted name for all your electrical needs. When you put your trust in us to complete electrical repairs and/or installations, you and your home will be treated with the utmost care from the start.

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