Why are my Outlets Sparking?

Do you keep seeing your electrical outlets sparking? Should you be concerned? Are you curious about why they are sparking and what you can do about it? We asked our licensed Maple Grove Electricians why a homes outlets are sparking and what you can and should do.

Guide to Electrical Outlets Sparking

Why do outlets spark?

Have you ever rubbed your feet across a carpet and felt a spark? That is static electricity. Therefore, if you feel a spark once in a while, there might not be any problem.

If you feel a spark, every time you are near the electric outlet, then there might be an issue. You can consider the following troubleshooting questions:

1. Do you have old, frayed electric cords?
2. Was there moisture or water on your hands or the electrical outlet when it sparked?
3. Does the electrical outlet feel hot?

These could be signs that you have exposed wires. You might have a short circuit. You might want to have old electrical wires, outlets and appliances replaced.

outlet sparking

Is it dangerous if a plug sparks?

Yes, it can be dangerous if a plug sparks. If the sparking is accompanied by a burning smell, it could indicate that the insulation on the wires is damaged and that the wires are touching, which could cause an electrical fire. If you see or smell sparks coming from an outlet, unplug any devices that are plugged into it and do not use that outlet until it has been repaired by a qualified electrician.

Is it safe to use an outlet that sparks?

If an outlet sparks, it is definitely not safe to use. Outlets are electrical devices, and any time there is a spark, there is potential for an electrical fire. If you see an outlet sparking, unplug any devices that are plugged into it and do not use it until you have had an electrician inspect it and determine that it is safe.

Troubleshoot Outlets Sparking

If the sparks occur regularly, you might need to be concerned. It could mean that there is a problem with your electrical wires, cords, outlets or appliances. You could use duct tape for frayed wires, but that is only a stop-gap.

If you fear a short circuit, then you should call professionals. They can look at your electrical system. You also might have overloaded your outlet with too many plug-ins. We can discuss safety devices, like a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), which could be invaluable.

Call a professional for a sparking outlet in Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN

If you want a professional inspection, Dean’s Home Services Electrical services offer complete evaluations of electrical systems in Minneapolis St. Paul area homes.

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