How to Prepare Your Bathroom For Holiday Guests

T-minus one more day until Thanksgiving — your holiday guests are almost on their way! Time to get your house in tip-top shape — and FAST!

christmas bathroom accessories

Tips to Clean Your Bathroom for Your Holiday Guests

Clean off the counters

A cluttered bathroom counter will leave your guests confused and not to mention can be quite the eyesore. Clear your bathroom counters of anything other than some hand towels and soap.

Add an area rug

Not only does it look good to add a rug, but it also prevents any of your guests from falling and hurting themselves. Try bringing in some holiday decor and getting a festive area rug instead of a traditional one.

Have fun with accessories

We say you should bring in more than just a festive area rug for the holidays. Add a holiday soap plate, hand towels, and even a holiday-scented organic candle (so there’s no VOCs in the air). Your guests will enjoy walking into a bathroom that smells like a gingerbread cookie or a Christmas tree!

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