Easter Egg Dye Recipe

Teaching how properly dye an egg isn’t something we at Dean’s Home Services are known for but you’re here so let’s get to it! This recipe is simple to follow, has minimum requirements, and is guaranteed to be a blast.


Hard-boiled eggs

Food coloring

White vinegar (see notes for options if you don’t have vinegar)


Bring a large pot of water to a boil.

Measure ½ cup of boiling water into a canning jar or another heat-safe container. Then, add one teaspoon of vinegar and 10-20 drops of food coloring. Repeat to create additional colors. If you’re dying eggs with kids, allow the dye to cool before proceeding.

Soak the eggs in the dye for around five minutes. Flip the eggs halfway through, to ensure both sides are well coated.

Place the dyed eggs back in their carton and allow them to dry before handling.


If you don’t have vinegar, use lemon juice instead, or just leave it out. Eggs dyed without vinegar will be pastel colored.

Place stickers on the eggs before you dye them to create two-toned designs. Remove the sticker one the eggs have dried to reveal the designs

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