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The Ultimate Guide to Circadian Lighting

Smart Circadian Lighting Design

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We all know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. As the season changes in Minnesota and days become shorter, we’re all looking for ways to keep a consistent sleep pattern. 

One way to do this is by keeping your body’s sleep habits and circadian rhythm consistent. Circadian lighting positively impacts your body’s natural rhythm. Smart home technology has drastically improved homeowners’ ability to control their circadian clock.

What is a Circadian Clock?

A circadian clock is synchronized by the light and dark cycles in a 24-hour period. Light tells the body when to be awake while darkness tells the body when to be asleep and restful. This system is found in all living things, from plants to animals and humans.

What are circadian rhythms?

Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. These natural processes respond primarily to light and dark and affect most living things, including animals, plants, and microbes.

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Research has found exposure to bright light during the day improves mood in people with depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This makes sense – SAD occurs when days are shorter and there’s less sunlight! The opposite effect is true for melatonin.

study by Johns Hopkins University found that light is key in influencing your circadian rhythms and sleep/wake cycle, and by using circadian lighting you can tap into these rhythms and encourage a better night’s sleep.

Circadian Lighting Uses Color to Influence Your Circadian Rhythms

Smart phone control of circadian lighting

Smart lighting control can be designed to match the needs of your circadian rhythm. The goal of circadian lighting is to provide sufficient light signals to the brain to help reinforce the natural light/dark signals we would receive from the sun if we spent more of our time outdoors.

Circadian lighting should provide a strong daytime light signal, telling our brain that it is daytime and to perform all the functions it needs to during the day. At night, we want to reduce that daytime light signal to help our bodies wind down, telling our brain to perform nighttime functions.

Circadian Lighting + Smart Lighting = Control of Your Circadian Rhythm

Smart lighting allows you to create a routine that can be easily integrated into your life. A circadian lighting system is designed to act as artificial ‘sunrise to sunset’ that travels through illuminance levels and colour spectrums from a warm colour spectrum (2,700K) to brighter, cooler (6,500K and upwards) and back again

A smart home lighting designer uses technology to personalize smart home lighting that syncs with nature. Specialized LED bulbs mimic the sunlight. Preset scenes adjust throughout the day to illuminate your space in soft hues of varying colors and temperatures.

Stay in tune with the sun, while inside your home.
Sleep, create, think, and live better
with automated tunable light.

Smart lighting designers from Dean’s Home Services fuse technology with science to create customizable lighting scenes that you control. The number of smart lighting options available gives you the flexibility and freedom to be creative in your home space.

Smart Lighting Design Experts in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Smart lighting allows for customized lighting of your entire home and individual rooms. From procurement to completion, Dean’s Minneapolis Smart Home Designers guide the process, collaborate, and work with trades to ensure the perfect execution of all home lighting projects. Contact Dean’s Home Services for home lighting installation and smart lighting design in Minneapolis, MN.

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