Illuminate Your Space: Uplighting Your Twin Cities Home

Having the right lighting in place can give your Twin Cities home the transformation it needs to create the perfect ambiance, emphasize unique architecture, and highlight your decor. One strategy for illuminating your interior space that has gained immense popularity is uplighting.

In this blog post, our lighting design experts at Dean’s Home Services cover the ins and outs of uplighting and how it can help turn your home into a welcoming, visually stunning space for family, friends, and potential buyers alike.

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Understanding Uplighting

Residential kitchen next to staircase with uplighting effect
Uplighting was used in this home to highlight this unique staircase design.

Uplighting is a type of lighting technique that refers to directing light fixtures upward to enhance key areas of your space, both indoors and outdoors. This typically involves placing light fixtures on or near the floor and angling the direction of their beams so that they are turned upward to create a soft, indirect pattern of illumination. There are several different types of uplighting techniques to consider for your space, including:

  • Wall grazing: By placing fixtures close to a wall and directing the light upward, you can highlight unique textures and patterns featured in your wall. This is usually done to illuminate decorative wall finishes or artwork.
  • Floor uplighting: Lighting fixtures can be strategically placed along the floor, casting the light upward to accentuate larger fixtures in your home, such as indoor plants, sculptures, or architectural columns. You can also use this technique to illuminate aspects of your landscaping.
  • Architectural uplighting: From exposed beams and tray ceilings to exterior facades, using architectural uplighting can be a great way to illuminate the most impressive features of your home from below, adding depth and drama.
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Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures

outdoor lighting for a patio and pool
Uplighting around the pool and in the landscaping creates a welcoming environment.

Selecting the right light fixtures for your uplighting project is an essential element to achieving the desired aesthetic. Uplighting fixtures come available in many different styles and forms, including wall-mounted sconces, floor lamps, and in-ground fixtures. As you consider which fixtures are right for your Minneapolis property, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Home size & layout: The size and layout of your interior space can influence the number and placement of fixtures required to achieve the right look and ambiance. Larger rooms may need multiple fixtures to ensure even light distribution.
  • Style & aesthetic: Select light fixtures that complement your existing interior design. For instance, if you have a modern industrial space, contemporary light fixtures will work well, while traditional homes will benefit from classic lighting designs.
  • Efficiency & smart lighting: With more homeowners prioritizing energy efficiency, it’s a good idea to consider LED light fixtures for your space or smart lighting solutions that enable remote control over the intensity and color of your interior lighting.

Uplighting for Different Rooms

Uplighting is a great strategy that can be implemented in many different areas of the home, including:

Living Rooms

By placing fixtures strategically throughout your living room, you can enhance focal points like fireplaces or large artwork to give your space a more elegant, dramatic feel. It can also help create a cozy ambiance when used in conjunction with other lighting fixtures, such as table lamps or pendant lights.


remodeled bedroom with a wallpaper accent wall
The lamps in this bedroom cast light upwards to spotlight the unique wall design.

Bring peace and relaxation to your bedroom by placing uplighting fixtures near the bed or behind your headboard to create a soothing, spa-like atmosphere. Uplighting can also be used in the bedroom to highlight decorative features, such as framed photographs or wall panels.


Uplighting in the kitchen can help accentuate countertops and backsplashes, drawing the eye to the most interesting facets of your culinary space. It can also be used for task lighting, illuminating key areas of your workspace to make food preparation and reading recipes a breeze.

Outdoor Spaces

Pool in backyard surrounded by fence that is illuminated with uplighting
Uplighting along the fence brings attention to the beautiful plants and shrubbery.

Transform your backyard into a cozy oasis with strategic uplighting that highlights landscaping and architectural features such as pergolas and gazebos. Uplighting can also enhance safety and security by stylishly lighting paths and deterring intruders.

Tips for Achieving a Balanced Lighting Design

As you work to create the perfect ambiance in your home, it’s important to ensure the uplighting is well-balanced and harmonious. The following tips can help you stay on track for developing a lighting design that works well for your home interior:

  • Layered lighting: Consider using uplighting in conjunction with other lighting types, such as task lighting and ambient lighting, to add more depth and dimension to your interior.
  • Balanced lighting: Remember that the goal of uplighting is to accentuate — not overpower. Use dimmer switches and smart controls whenever possible to adjust the intensity and ensure a well-balanced lighting design.
  • Avoid common mistakes: Avoid common mistakes in uplighting design, such as glare and shadows, as these can detract from your desired aesthetic. Test out different placements and angles until you find the one that works best.

If you’re struggling to achieve the ideal uplighting design for your Twin Cities home, Dean’s Home Services is here to help. Offering custom lighting design solutions and a broad variety of top-quality fixtures and services, our team is uniquely capable of creating a personalized lighting solution that satisfies your every need.

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