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The Best and Safest Ways to Clean Your Bathroom

In case you didn’t know, white vinegar is the safest and most natural cleaner for all surfaces. One of the rooms its the MOST helpful is in your bathroom. Vinegar has a high acidity level, which helps loosen mineral deposits and dissolve soap scum. Keep reading to find out the exact places vinegar cleans the best.

Hand in pink glove with sponge washing


Your showerhead will get dirty over time. But if you have hard water, the deposits can make your showerhead even dirtier and slow the flow of water.

Remove your showerhead and place it in a ziplock bag of vinegar. Keep it on overnight and scrub it in the morning to make it look good as new


Mix 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar — it will give your mirrors a streak-free shine.


Is your bathroom plagues by a slow-moving drain? All you have to use to clear your drain is white vinegar, baking soda, and hot water.


Hard water doesn’t just affect your showerhead — it can easily build up around your faucet and faucet handles. Simply soak rags with white vinegar and leave them around your faucet for an hour. Remove the rags, clean the area with a dry towel or sponge, and the hard stains will be gone!

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