How ready are you for the cold, winter nights that are about to hit the Twin Cities? You’re going to need more than just a few cozy blankets. With a little HVAC maintenance, you can avoid any sleepless, freezing nights.

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

1. Clean or replace your air filters.

Dirty air filters restrict the airflow, which makes your HVAC system have to work harder to heat and/or cool your home. Don’t forget to clean or replace your air filters before the winter really hits (and every 3 months after that!).

2. Unblock all the vents and registers.

Take a walk around each room in your home and see if the vents are blocked. We often see customers blocking their air vents with furniture on accident. Try not to cover or block your air vents — it will lead to costly repairs.

3. Reprogram your thermostat.

Your thermostat shouldn’t have the same reading it did when it was the summertime. Now that the weather is cooler, you can lower the temperature in your home at least 5 to 10 degrees, which can help you save up to almost 15% on your heating bills.

4. Schedule a professional HVAC inspection.

Your home’s heating system works long and hard throughout the harsh winters here in Minnesota. Ensuring that your heating system is working optimally and efficiently is important to avoid an unexpected breakdown or emergency in the dead of winter — Call Dean’s today to schedule a maintenance appointment!

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