Why Is My Office So Cold?

No, it’s not your imagination – your summer office temperature might feel more like the Arctic, especially if you’re a woman. Thanks, science!

Not only is it frustrating to be working in layers, sweaters, and blankets all day, being cold at work has also been shown to lower your daily productivity. So if it’s abnormally cold in your office, here’s why…

Why is my office always cold?

According to industry standards, buildings should remain at a temperature agreed upon 80% of the occupants. However, many commercial cooling systems are designed using a formula that was created in the 1960s.

What’s the formula?

There are a number of variables that go into the formula that cools commercial buildings, including:

  • The buildings humidity.
  • The movement of air in the building.
  • The amount of clothing people are wearing.
  • The metabolic rate (or the heat produced by each person).

The formula favors men.

This formula was created with the metabolic rate of a 155-pound man. They didn’t take into consideration that women generally have a lower metabolic rate than men (and don’t produce as much body heat).

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