3 Reasons Your Toilet is Wasting Water

We understand the frustration you feel when your toilet is wasting water. In addition to worrying over your water bill, you probably get tired of hearing the noise of water always running into the tank. If your toilet is wasting water, it’s probably one of these three main issues:

Fill Tube

After flushing your toilet, water runs through the fill tube and into your toilet’s tank to refill it. If this tube leaks or has somehow moved, it might not work correctly. To check this, remove that tank’s lid and inspect to verify that the tube’s located above the tank’s water level.

Fill Valve

Normally, a toilet’s fill valve ensures that water never overflows the tank. A float or cylinder attached to the valve will move up and down to turn the water on and off. If this assembly malfunctions, it may never completely shut off the water.


Pressing the handle of your toilet raises a flapper at the bottom of the tank. The flapper works to release the water into the bowl. When it wears out or becomes damaged, the flapper may not properly reseal the tank.


In such a case, water will continue to run into the bowl. Consequently, the tank may never fill with enough water to activate the fill valve. Sometimes, the tank will fill only to gradually leak, causing the fill valve to repeatedly open and close.

Need a Professional Repair?

Correctly diagnosing the problem with your toilet and fixing it as quickly as possible is important. You can avoid wasting water and money and even prevent damage water if the toilet floods. For dependable, expert plumbing advice, call Dean’s Home Services. If you’re having problems with a toilet that’s always running and wasting water, call us now to get advice and, if necessary, the help you need.

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