How To Keep Your Toilet From Overflowing

Picture this: You walk into the bathroom only to find water slowly overflowing from your toilet. Talk about anxiety! This overflow is most likely caused by a leak or a blockage in the tank.

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A clogged toilet is a common occurrence in many households, especially for those living with children. If you can see the source of the clog, remove it before attempting to flush the toilet. If the toilet has already been flushed, and it hasn’t overflowed yet, then a toilet plunger may be used to help clear the clogged drain.

Pro Tip: Keeping the toilet lid closed and possibly even safety latched is always a good idea


Bathtubs and sinks aren’t the only places where leaks may occur. If you happen to notice a leak in your toilet, then the first thing you should do is shut off the water and call a plumber.

Another sign of a leaky toilet? A sudden increase in your water bill.


If your toilet isn’t draining, but you can’t see any obvious clogs, then the problem could be in the pipes. If a plunger isn’t enough to drain the water, then you may need to call a professional.

If plumbing problems continue to persist, call Dean’s Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drains for some assistance. We are here to help you with all of your home plumbing needs, including your water heater! Visit our website to learn more about our services or give us a call directly.

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