Tips To Maintain Your Humidifier

Humidifiers are wonderful when in use but when you forget about the one that is sitting in your room some bacteria can grow. If you have a difficult time remembering to clean your humidifier after using it you may want to set a reminder for yourself. A properly cleaned humidifier will keep all the parts in good working order.

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How to Clean the Water Reservoir of the Humidifier

Drain out any remaining water. If the water has sat stagnant for any period of time it may smell musty. If you have left your humidifier sitting in direct sunlight you may even have algae or mold growth. Once you have dumped the water from your humidifier you will want to rinse it with tap water a few times.

Use a washcloth or paper towels to wipe the inside surface of the humidifier. Make a solution that is vinegar and water. The solution should be a 50/50 ratio and let it sit inside the water reservoir of the humidifier for at least an hour. This should eliminate any bacteria and odors. Rinse thoroughly after draining out vinegar and water solution.

How to Clean the Base of the Humidifier

The base cleans the same as the water reservoir. Carefully walk to a sink or tub and dump out any water. Rinse the base a few times and wipe it clean. If it still has some build up or odors make a solution of vinegar and water and let it sit in the base for an hour. Drain it out and rise a few times. Dry thoroughly.

If you will not be using your humidifier promptly after cleaning it you will want to dry it. Never store a wet humidifier because bacteria and algae will grow. Use a dry rag to thoroughly wipe every surface of the humidifier before you put it away into storage. Also be sure to dry the inside of the water reservoir.

At Dean’s, we take all of these factors into consideration. Our trained technicians will assess your home and help you choose a humidifier that’s right for you.

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