How to Run Your Dishwasher More Efficiently

Washing dishes is no one’s favorite chore. Fortunately, our dishwasher is there to help when we need it most! These tips will help your dishwasher run smoothly and efficiently.

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Dishwasher Tips:

  • Run Hot Water First – Running hot water before you start the dishwasher will make sure that your dishwasher is filled with hot water instead of cold. This will help save water — especially in the winter when the water takes longer to heat up.
  • Avoid Overcrowding – It can be tempting to do one big load of dishes, forks, and spoons. However, overcrowding the dishwasher means that you might need to re-run the dishwasher later on because things are too tightly packed.
  • Clean the Trap – Under the lower sprayer there is a dishwasher trap. You might see food and other particles that didn’t make its way into the drain. Rinse this in your sink to get rid of the gunk and keep your dishwasher running smoothly.
  • Check Your Water Heater Temperature – Your water heater should be set to 120 degrees F. This is the ideal temperature for washing dishes!

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