Five Foods That Cause a Clogged Sink

The most common drain clogs, especially in the kitchen are due to a build-up of grease and cholesterol in a home’s drains and pipes. They start off as small blockages which are just a bit of a hassle but when the holidays arrive, they can become HUGE problems and there’s nothing worse than a clogged sink, especially in the kitchen. Here are some foods you should avoid putting down the drain!

Other Ways to Avoid Clogged Sink

If you are going to use your sink’s garbage disposal, be sure the water is running to help keep things “moving” and if you notice a smell, citrus peels are great for fixing a smelly garbage disposal.

Plumbers with Dean’s Home Services realize that you can’t always stop grease from going down the drain so at least try and use a paper towel before you rinse it. What should never do? Never let warm grease run down your drain because then it cools in the pipe, where it congeals to start forming a clog. Then other stuff gets stuck in it, and before you know it you’ve got a major clog. The best solution is to avoid pouring any grease or oil down your drain. Just keep a jar handy to collect the grease, and throw it into the trash when it gets full.

If you need help, give us a call because Dean’s Home Services works with the best plumbers and Drain technicians with the experience and a number of ideas to quickly fix your problem.

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