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Benefits of a Garbage Disposal

Thinking about making the switch to a garbage disposal? Not only are they more sanitary for your home, they are more environmentally friendly as well. Still not convinced? Find out some more benefits of a garbage disposal below:

Compactor in landfill

  1. Say Goodbye to Pests, Animals and Insects: grinding food in a disposal will create much less garbage for your home. As a result, you can use fewer garbage bags and make fewer trips to the can. Ever wake up to find that a raccoon or other pest got into the trash? You’ll never have to worry about that again when you begin grinding your food instead of tossing it in the bag.
  2. Food Scraps Create Emissions: did you know that food scrap decomposition produces methane gas? In 2007, it was estimated there were over 31.7 million tons of food scraps making up about 12.5% of all solid waste send to landfills. Having a garbage disposal installed can really help cut down on emissions.
  3. Don’t Worry About Water and Electricity Usage: we often hear that homeowners are concerned with the amount of water and electricity used to operate a garbage disposal. In reality, only about 1% of your total household water consumption is used by a garbage disposal and electricity expenses will only cost you about 50 cents.

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