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Bathroom Tips for Families with Furry Friends

Plumber Maple Grove MN | Dean's Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & DrainThere is nothing better than coming home to your furry friend at the end of a long work day. However, many pet owners don’t realize that pets can affect your home plumbing.  Fortunately, there are a few quick fixes that will help making caring for your plumbing and your pets simple.

Bathroom Tips for Pet Owners:

  • Use a Drain Stopper – Make sure that you have a drain stopper in place when giving your pet a bath in the tub. You don’t want your fur to clog your bathroom plumbing!
  • Install a Hot/Cold Hose Bib – If you prefer to bathe your pets outdoors, consider installing a hot/cold hose bib. This will combine hot and cold water taps into a single hose so that you can wash your pet down with water that is a comfortable temperature.
  • Keep Toilet Lids Closed – Pets have a tendency to drink toilet bowl water (even when you’re not looking). Always keep toilet lids down so that your pets don’t ingest any toilet cleaning chemicals that may be harmful to them.
  • Don’t Flush Litter – Even if the litter is labelled as “flushable” it can still damage your plumbing. Make sure that you are only flushing waste and toilet paper down your drains.

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