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5 Plumbing Mistakes Holiday Guests Make

Deck the halls and jingle those bells! Before we know it we’ll be walking in a winter wonderland, which means only one thing… the guests are on their way! Plumbing can take a pretty tough beating during the holidays, which is why it’s important to look out for these five faux pas that guests can often make when it comes to your home’s water system:

Drain clogs and hot water heater issues are just a few of the holiday plumbing problems you may encounter with your guests this year.

  1. Forgetting to flush, or worse, flushing too much. It’s not pleasant to be greeted by an unflushed toilet, but it’s even worse to be greeted by an overflowing one! Guests may not know the rules of the restroom, which means they may flush feminine products, wipes, and other unflushables down the toilet. To combat this, have a clean wastebasket nearby, and don’t be afraid to reiterate the “toilet paper only” policy a few times.
  2. Pouring grease down the drain. If we’re being honest, we know that this guest was probably only trying to help, but they may be making matters even messier. What is now liquid fat will cool and solidify in your plumbing over time — the perfect storm for a clog. To keep your drains grease-free, we suggest giving explicit disposal directions or doing the dirty work yourself. Sorry!
  3. Shedding in the bathroom shower. Okay, this one’s tough because it’s truly not avoidable… or is it? It’s natural to shed some hair in the shower, but putting a strainer over the drain can keep hair from causing a clog. Just remind your guests to please clean out any hair that was caught after they’re all done.
  4. Using all the hot water. There’s nothing worse than being forced to take a cold shower, because the three people ahead of you completely depleted the water tank. Try to put guests on a shower schedule to hurry them along, or call to upgrade your hot water heater before the holidays!
  5. Using ALL the water, period. With all those extra people cooking, cleaning, bathing, flushing, etc., your water bill can really climb over the holidays. Remind your guests to be mindful of the water they’re using, and install some low flow fixtures to help combat high water costs year-round.

Find yourself in a plumbing pickle over the holidays? Don’t fret, just call Dean’s! Our experienced technicians can solve any plumbing problem you throw our way — from a simple stuffed sink or toilet, all the way up to a frozen burst pipe. Dean’s Professional Plumbing has got you covered!

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