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3 Fast Fall Fixes That Are Really Worth It

When it comes to your HVAC system, many issues may occur over its lifespan (15 years is a long time!). Thankfully, many of these issues are minor and ones you can easily fix on your own!

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3 HVAC Repairs for Homeowners

1. Restricted Airflow

Many homeowners complain they aren’t receiving proper heating and cooling in their home. More than likely, this is from a clogged air filter. Air filters are there to trap and collect dust in your HVAC unit, so it doesn’t get released into the air. If your air filter is overloaded with dirt particles, it can limit the amount of air that passes through, causing a drop in air flow.

2. Leaking Ducts

Many service companies are called to deal with overflowing ducts and drain pains. A drain pan is supposed to handle a surplus of water, but it can quickly flood if humidity levels rise. This is typically caused by melting ice. If this continues without you calling a professional, or fixing it yourself, it can affect the surrounding walls and ceiling.

3. Failing to Cool

This is another common complaint. When your air conditioner is running for an extended period, it can affect the system. If you notice your HVAC isn’t heating or cooling your home properly, it’s most likely due to low refrigerant. Without refrigerant, the HVAC can’t heat or cool your home as efficiently as possible.

Your home’s heating system works long and hard throughout the harsh winters here in Minnesota. Ensuring that your heating system is working optimally and efficiently is important to avoid an unexpected breakdown or emergency in the dead of winter — Call Dean’s today to schedule a maintenance appointment!

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