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The Best Places to Install USB Outlets in Your Home

The Best Places to Install USB Outlets in Your Home

In a world of smartphones, laptops, and a plethora of electronic devices and accessories, keeping track of charging cables and their wall adaptor companions can be a hassle. A simple solution to this issue is to install USB power outlets, which have USB ports in place of, or alongside, traditional electrical outlets. 

With a USB outlet, you can charge your electronic devices and accessories with your regular charging cable without the need for an adaptor or a computer. 

Where Should I Have USB Outlets Installed In My Home?

Strategically placed USB outlets can enhance your home’s functionality specific to the needs of your household. Consider placing USB outlets in the following places: 

  • Entryways: Above a shelf, table, or in a cubby by an entryway is an excellent place to put a USB outlet. Here, you can keep track of your smart accessories with your keys, jacket, and other belongings, as well as remember to grab them on your way out of the door.  
  • Kitchen counters and islands: As one of the most frequented places in the house, USB outlets can be useful in the kitchen, similarly to the entryway. Here, you can charge your smart devices all in one place where they can be seen and grabbed on the way out. 
  • Floor outlets in the family room: Floor USB outlets in the middle of the room, i.e. next to the couch, eliminate the need for additional accessories like extension chords. You’ll be able to charge your phone, tablet, and more without additional clutter taking away from the visual appeal of the room. 
  • Wall outlets in bedrooms: Having a USB outlet by your bed, desk, or even behind a wall-mounted television can prove to be useful for accessories that need to stay plugged in like clocks, gaming systems, and charging stations. 
  • Bathroom vanities: Having a USB outlet built into or next to your bathroom vanity can be used to support bathroom accessories like electric toothbrushes and electric razors. They can also be used to charge your cellphones and smart accessories overnight. 

Installing USC outlets throughout your home can prove to enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. From outlet installations in kitchen islands to wall-mounted outlets, contact Dean’s Plumbing Heating & Cooling today for all your electrical service needs!

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