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Water Softener Repair

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Water Softener Repair and Installation Service in the Twin Cities

We all want clean, fresh drinking water. The problem with Minnesota’s hard water is that it takes a toll on plumbing systems and appliances. Call Dean’s for Minneapolis water softener repair and replacement services.

Hard water in your home cause calcium and magnesium to build up in your pipes. Not only can having a water softener prevent this, but it can also cut down on costly repairs and soap usage. At Dean, our Professional Plumbers offer a variety of water softeners repair options as well as options for water conditioning systems that meet your needs.

The Best Water Softeners in Minnesota

What is Hard Water?

The hardness of water is determined primarily by the amount of calcium and magnesium that it contains. Higher levels of these and other minerals make water hard.  This hardness is due to where Minnesota suburbs get their water. Groundwater that flows over or through limestone and into your home is hard and while it isn’t a health risk, many home and business owners do find it to be a nuisance.

Hard water is in a range, between 1 and 3.5 gpg (GPG) and is considered slightly hard. Between 3.5 and 7 gpg is considered moderately hard. Between 7 and 10.5 gpg is considered hard. More than 10.5 gpg is considered very hard.

Hard Water in the Northern Parts of Hennepin County

Town                                                            Hardness Range

Maple Grove, MN                                              22-25gpg

Brooklyn Park, MN                                          30-32 gpg

Blaine, MN                                                         18-21 gpg

Benefits of a Water Softener in Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park

Stay Cleaner and Prevent Dry Skin and Hair
That same film that’s on your shower door ends up on your skin when you have hard water. Soft water does a much better job of rinsing soaps and shampoos to prevent
their drying effects.

Keep Everything Cleaner and Prevent Hard Water Damage
Soft water doesn’t leave scale and scum on your faucets, tubs and shower doors making it much easier for you to keep them clean and prevent hard water buildup that can cause damage.

Protect Your Favorite Clothing and Linens
Hard water is hard on fabrics, wearing them prematurely, and causing fading and brittleness. Soft water can extend the life of your clothes and household textiles by removing the dissolved minerals that create problems.

Reduce Soap and Detergent Use
Use up to 75 percent less detergent and get the same or better cleaning results with soft water on the job.

Reduce Energy Consumption
By preventing scale buildup inside of your water heater, you can make it up to 30 percent more efficient since it won’t have to heat your water through a layer of scale buildup.

Extend the Life of Your Appliances and Plumbing
Your water-using appliances and plumbing stay cleaner, work more effectively and last longer with soft water.

Don’t let hard water slow you down! Call Dean’s Home Services Plumbing today and start enjoying the softer side of the water. With over 35 years of professional plumbing and installation experience for the Twin Cities, MN metro area and surrounding suburbs, we’ll get the job done right and quickly. Let us install your water conditioning system today!

For a Water Softener Repair & Installation specialist in the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas, schedule an appointment today.

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