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Hiring a Plumber: What to Ask

Looking to hire a new plumber in time for your spring cleaning routine? Patching up leaky pipes and upgrading to water-efficient appliances is a perfect way to start up the new season – and we applaud you for that.

We also, however, want to make sure you know the important questions to ask. Start with these, as recommended by Angie’s List.

Are you licensed?
Many homeowners assume all plumbers need to be licensed to operate but that only holds true in certain states. Licensing is an important thing to check for because if an unlicensed plumber’s work does not pass inspection, you’re the one accountable.

Are you insured?
Some sort of guarantee or warranty will ensure any broken parts are fixed within a year or so.

Do you charge an hourly or flat rate?
With an hourly rate you will be charged according to labor costs, while a flat rate is the price for completion no matter what. Think about the difference and make sure the option being offered works for you.

Do you clean up after yourself?
While it may seem like a silly question, there are plenty of plumbers that leave old tools and parts behind. When a quote is given, ask if it includes cleanup. There may be an extra charge for cleanup – which might be worth it.

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