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Fall Furnace Maintenance Tips

It’s tough to keep a warm home without a properly maintained furnace. If you want to avoid a home that feels like a deep freeze, check out these tips for fall furnace maintenance 

Fall Furnace Maintenance Tips


Fall furnace maintenance deans home services

HVAC Professional tune up

When you contact Dean’s Home Services, our  Minneapolis HVAC professionals perform a number of routine maintenance tasks along with those recommended by manufacturers

The objective is to clean,  evaluate and examine your homes furnace for any signs of problems including:

  • Grinding noises: A cracked belt is a common source of grinding sounds. Without attention, it can break at any time of the day or night.
  • Whining pitch: Often, a failing furnace ignition causes this sound.
  • Constant thermostat adjustment: We check the thermostat itself for loose wires. Your furnace manufacturer typically recommends contacting us on a yearly basis to perform routine maintenance on your heating system.

Furnace Filters and Obstructions Cause a  Majority of Heating Failures

Cold weather creates unwanted objects to block your furnace and air ducts. Our reliable technicians check commons areas where branches, nests, and ice might build up to obstruct the circulation of warm air.

We replace your filters and provide instructions on how and when to change filters between our maintenance service calls.

A dirty furnace filter simply circulates air full of dust and debris throughout your home. A clogged filter does not allow warm air to reach rooms that need critical heat.

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A furnace that provides inadequate heat does you and your family no good. Contact our Minneapolis Furnace professionals at Dean’s Home Services for complete

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