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City of Minneapolis Asks Residents to Conserve Water, Here’s How to Do It!


It’s been a hot, hot summer, and with parts of Minnesota dealing with extreme drought, the City of Minneapolis is preparing by asking residents to conserve water. We all know the obvious steps you can take including not watering your lawn and not leaving the water running while you brush your teeth or do dishes. Dean’s Home Service plumbers work with water on a daily basis and have a few more pieces of advice that will help so you can do your part.

Only Run Your Dishwasher and Laundry When It’s FULL

Running a full dishwasher–and a full clothes washer–saves so many resources for you and your family! For starters, you save money when you’re heating fewer gallons of hot water. But also, you save money on your power bill when your appliances are running less often. And finally, you’re saving hundreds of gallons of water over time.


If You Don’t Have a Water Dispenser, Keep A Pitcher of Drinking Water in the Fridge

This is an easy idea, instead of letting the tap water run until it’s cold (which in the summer can take quite a while) to fill up a glass or pitcher with cold water, always have cold water on hand by keeping a pitcher of it in the fridge!

Only flush #1, #2 and Toilet Paper Down the Drain

This is a big one for us at Dean’s Home Services.  You may be surprised at the sorts of things people attempt to flush down the toilet which is something the pipes in your home are not designed to do.  This water-saving tip can actually save you hundreds in plumbing repairs–and save taxpayers thousands in water treatment problems.


Conserve The Amount of Water You Use with Watersense Home Products

Plumbers with Dean’s Home Services are able to provide you with Watersense approved water-efficient products that will help you save money while protecting America’s water supply.


Fix Leaks

Small household leaks can add up to gallons of water lost every day, no matter the size. The most common water leak in a house is probably a dripping faucet or showerhead. While these are not serious problems, they can waste a lot of water if left unattended for long and if you live in an older home in Minneapolis, regularly having your home’s water system checked will save you a lot of money.


If your plumbing is working just fine but instead you’re worried about your home’s air conditioner going into overdrive, Dean’s Home Services HVAC team will help cool your house down.  

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