What Is a Smart Thermostat?

The “SMART” Revolution is quickly bringing our physical and digital worlds closely together. From smartphones to FitBits™‎ to Amazon’s Alexa, our lives are becoming more and more integrated into the devices we carry — why not also extend this ease of use to your home’s HVAC system? Smart thermostats make it possible for you to stay connected to your home no matter where you are!

What is a Smart Thermostat?

Like programmable thermostats, smart thermostats make it possible for you to adjust the temperature of your home so that you are comfortable when you’re there, and save when your not. However, they also take it a step further. Here are a few of the benefits investing in a smart thermostat can have for your home

Control your thermostat remotely. Smart thermostats allow you to remotely connect to your thermostat. Did you forget to turn it down before you left? Don’t worry, you can still adjust the temperature from your phone!

It adapts to your lifestyle. A smart thermostat learn and adapts to your lifestyle. If you always turn down the thermostat at night, your smart thermostat will eventually learn to automatically adjust to your schedule. After just a week, it will adjust to your routines.

It knows when you’re away. Set up your phone with your smart thermostat When you leave for work, it will automatically know that you’ve left and will adjust the thermostat accordingly.

You can save money. Since you are saving so much energy, you will also save money. This is an excellent long term investment for homeowners looking to save and improve the value/comfort of their home.

If you run into any problems with your home’s heating or cooling system, or you are thinking of installing a smart thermostat in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional technicians here at Dean’s Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drain! You can also learn more about the services that we offer to Twin Cities residents on our website.

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