Water Leaking From Light Fixture? Causes & Solutions

Noticing that water is leaking or dripping from the area around the lightbulb in the center of the room often means that water has accumulated overhead inside the ceiling for at least a few days. Not only will this affect your home, but it also could put your family at risk. Here’s what you should know to protect your property and your family.

water leaking from light bulb

Where Did the Water Come From?

It might come from an ice dam or a broken pipe, or maybe your sink overflowed. Regardless of the situation, the water damage can cost enough to make any homeowner worry. A more pressing concern, however, is the hazard of combining water and electricity.

Why Mixing Water & Electricity Is Dangerous

The minerals and metals inside your home’s water supply conduct an electrical current. Though you may have a water softener installed in your home, all water, no matter how much you treat it, contains these “contaminants.” Because of this, you need to act quickly to prevent further harm from happening inside your home. Water and electricity should never mix.

Risks of Water Leaking From Your Ceiling

From causing potential health concerns to damaging the structure of your home, here are a few reasons why you take immediate action if you notice water leaking from your fixtures:

  • The worst possibility is severe injuries or death from electrocution. Any malfunctioning electrical outlets or devices can put you at risk for electrocuting yourself. It’s best to keep pets and small children away from the leaking fixture.
  • Your ceiling could be at risk of collapse. This happens from the weight of the water and also the weakened condition of the ceiling’s materials.
  • Water is used to put fires out, but when mixed with electricity, it could start one. In this situation, the presence of water can cause a fire if the wiring becomes corroded in crucial areas.

What You Should Do When Water Is Coming From a Light Fixture

  • Turn off the power: Locate the circuit breaker or fuse box and completely shut off power to the affected fixture. Do not touch the fixture or water while the power is on.
  • Contain the water: Place buckets or towels underneath the leak to catch dripping water and minimize damage.
  • Identify the source: Look for obvious signs of leaks in the ceiling, roof, or pipes near the fixture. Consider if any recent events (heavy rain, storms, plumbing work) might be related.
  • Call a professional: Do not attempt to fix the leak yourself. Contact a qualified plumber or electrician like Dean’s Home Services immediately. Describe the situation and your actions taken so far.
  • Document the damage: Take photos and videos of the leak and any water damage. Contact your insurance company for guidance on filing a claim.
  • Move valuables: Remove furniture and belongings from the affected area to prevent further water damage.
  • Ventilate the area: Open windows and doors to allow moisture to escape and prevent mold growth.

Act Fast To Protect Your Family & Your Home

The skilled experts at Dean’s Home Services know how to handle these kinds of emergencies. Call us at 763-515-4852 for fast service by one of our reliable professionals. We will work fast to help you protect your family by fixing the problem.

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