Summer Cleaning Checklist for Your Home

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Summer is one of the best seasons of the year – it’s a great time for grilling, swimming, and enjoying the great outdoors. Summer also provides an opportunity to complete a few vital cleaning tasks for your home.

Deck & Patio Health:

With warm evenings and hot days, chances are you use your deck and or patio significantly more during the summer months. Additionally, winter weather can often be tough on decks and patios and summertime is a wonderful time to maintain your deck or patio. If your deck or patio is filthy, a good power wash can do wonders. It’s also important to check for loose or broken boards.

Check for Pesky Insects:

Humans aren’t the only species that enjoy warm weather – insects also love to come out in the summer months. You may want to have your home inspected for insects. If you find a problem, summer is a great season to find and use an exterminator.

Take a Peek at Dryer and Exhaust Vents:

Throughout the course of a year, both of these vents have a chance at becoming blocked. You’ll want to check your dryer vent while your dryer is running. Hopefully, there are no blockages, but if there are, you’ll want to clean your dryer vents immediately.

Check on your Plumbing System:

It’s important that you notice and check for even the smallest plumbing issues. Without attention, plumbing issues can turn into big problems.

Dean’s Professional Plumbing Heating & Air is available for all of your plumbing and heating and air needs. Whether you have a small problem such as a vent blockage, or a more serious plumbing or HVAC issue, we’ve got your back and can help you speed through your summer cleaning checklist. Need professional help in your home? Contact us today!

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