Reduce Humidity in Your Home


Reduce Humidity

For everyone in Minnesota, it’s never the heat, it’s the humidity and on the hottest summer days we’re all looking for a way to reduce the humidity inside our homes. Keeping your indoor humidity in a healthy range can also be a sign of a larger problem like a leak or structural damage. Read on the learn some tips and tricks to combat indoor humidity during a sticky Minnesota summer

1. Use Venting Fans

One way to get rid of the humidity in your is to turn it into an icebox (nobody is gonna do that) instead, run the vent fans in your house. When you’re cooking, run the vent fan over your stove to capture that heat. When you take a shower, be sure to get those fans going, too.

Keeping those vent fans running will help move that moisture outside, keeping your house drying and more comfortable.

Do running ceiling fans reduce humidity?

Running ceiling fans do not necessarily reduce humidity, but they can help to circulate air and make a room feel cooler. In general, fans do not reduce the actual temperature of a room, but they can create a wind chill effect that makes a person feel cooler.


2. Skip the Hot Shower

A major source of humidity in your home is hot water, specifically from a hot shower. While many of us need a hot shower to start the day, research has found that a cold shower can be good for your health.

When you get out of the shower, think about how much moisture is trapped in that room. The mirror and the shower doors are fogged up, and when you open the door, that moisture doesn’t just vanish. Lowering your shower temperature by just a few degrees can go a long way toward decreasing the humidity in your house.

3. Reduce Humidity by Having a Dehumidifier Installed

Buying a dehumidifier can save money on AC in the long run. By reducing high humidity in your house during the summer, you make the conditions of your home feel cooler. Therefore, you can increase the temperature of your AC and save money. 

4. Have Your AC Checked to Ensure it’s working properly

Although it may be difficult, increasing the temperature on the Air Conditioner can help reduce humidity. An alternative to blasting the AC is to raise the temperature but then turn on the fan instead.

A common cause of high humidity in your home can be due to an air conditioner that’s failing to dehumidify as it should. As temperatures increases, humidity decreases. The evaporator coils in your air conditioner are supposed to get rid of the humidity. The evaporator will accept liquid refrigerant, then use it to cool your house.

5. Put Out Charcoal Briquettes

This is gonna sound strange but this actually works. Putting out a bucket of charcoal briquettes can actually help keep your home less humid. Charcoal is incredibly absorbent, which is part of what makes it so good for use in filters and overdose situations. This works for dehumidifying your house, too.

Put out a bucket of charcoal briquettes in a few strategic areas of your home. You can put them in decorative flower pots if you like in order to make them look nicer, or in a coffee can, punch a few holes in the lid, and place them in the humid areas. Replace the charcoal every few months.

Dean’s HVAC Professionals can help you better manage the humidity inside your home, contact us here or give Dean’s Home Services a call.

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