What Causes Pinhole Leaks & How To Fix Them


If you haven’t experienced a pinhole leak in your home yet, it’s very likely that you will at some point in the future. It’s one of the most common types of plumbing leaks.

Pinhole leaks are tiny holes that develop in your home’s piping system, and they can cause significant water damage over time if left unrepaired. The problem is that pinhole leaks are so small, it can be difficult to know if you have one.

Fortunately, our plumbing experts at Dean’s Home Services are here to help! Read on to discover steps you can take to identify and fix pinhole leaks early, and how to reduce the risk of future leaks developing in your piping.   

What Is a Pinhole Leak?

A pinhole leak is a one-eighth-inch (or less) pit that gradually becomes a small hole in your piping. These holes often develop in areas that are critical to distributing high volumes of water around your home, such as the piping near your water heater or main water line.

What Causes a Pinhole Leak?

Pinhole leaks are usually caused by:

  • Pipe corrosion: Copper is a common and sturdy piping material, but it’s prone to pitting corrosion, which can lead to pinhole leaks. While pipe corrosion is inevitable, you can get ahead of the problem by having your pipes inspected regularly.
  • Water quality issues: Pipes exposed to acidic water or hard water (water that has a high concentration of calcium and magnesium) are more likely to develop pinhole leaks. Regular water quality testing and a water softener installation can solve these issues.
  • Pressure-related problems: High water pressure puts a lot of stress on pipes, making them more likely to leak and crack. To fix this problem, you can install a pressure regulator.
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Signs Your Home Has a Pinhole Leak

If you notice one of the signs below, you’ll need to call a reliable plumber to locate and repair the pinhole leak as soon as possible:

  • Visible water damage: Visible signs that a pinhole leak has existed in your home for a while include wet spots or discoloration on walls or ceilings, mold or mildew growth near pipes, puddles of water under pipes, and musty smells.
  • Decreased water pressure: A drop in pressure wherever you use running water, like your shower, bathtub, faucet, or kitchen sink, means there might be a leak somewhere in your home.
  • Water meter running: You can also check your water meter periodically. If the numbers on the meter increase when no fixtures or water-based appliances are in use, you probably have a pinhole leak.

Call Dean’s for Leak Detection & Repair in the Twin Cities

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If you suspect there’s a pinhole leak somewhere in your home, reach out to the team of plumbing professionals at Dean’s Home Services. We’ll arrive at your home the same day you call to provide expert leak detection and repair services. Our team is licensed and insured, and we offer upfront pricing, so you never have to worry about hidden fees or surprise costs when you choose Dean’s.  

Schedule same-day leak detection and repair services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or surrounding areas by calling 763-515-4852.

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