No Heat? Three DIY Furnace Checks

Waking up to no heat can be a nightmare. There are a few DIY fixes that anyone can handle before contacting local HVAC professional.

No Heat? Three Things to Check

1) Air Filter

Begin by making sure the air filter is clean. An extremely dirty air filter can block air flow, and the won’t have enough air flowing through it to move the heat. As a furnace safety feature it is designed to shut down if it gets too hot. So replace the air filter if it seems dirty, and make sure all registers are open and not blocked by furniture, curtains, or other items.

2) Power

Check to make sure power to the furnace is on. Even gas furnaces need electricity to work. There should be a switch close to the furnace. Did someone bump it and turn it off? Another common electrical reason for the furnace not working a tripped circuit breaker at the electrical panel. Did the fuse blow or the breaker trip off? If after you reset the breaker, it happens again right away, it’s time to call in someone to either fixes your circuit breaker or to find out if there’s another issue with the furnace.

3) Thermostat

Check the settings on your home thermostat. Make sure it is “On”, turned to “Heat” or “Auto” mode, and the temperature control selector is set higher than the current room temperature. The fan switch can be set to “On” or “Auto”. As a test, try raising the thermostat to its highest temperature setting to see if the furnace comes on.

No heat repair by hvac professional

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