3 Reasons Fall is the Best Time to Buy a New Furnace

Living in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area, you know the importance of having a furnace that works. If you’ve had your current furnace for a while, or if furnace repairs on it have started mounting up more regularly, then you may be wondering about the best time to buy a new furnace.

The best time to contact a Minneapolis HVAC company like Dean’s Home Services for replacing your home heating and air conditioning is when they aren’t busy dealing with furnace, boiler and AC emergencies.

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Three Reasons Fall is the Best Time to Purchase a New Furnace


If your furnace is on the way out, having a replacement furnace installed compared to the alternative of emergency furnace repairs is more cost-effective.

Spring is normally the best time to have an HVAC inspection completed. You’ll be able to determine if it’s time to upgrade or not through annual Minneapolis Furnace Repair and air conditioner maintenance. Make sure you take age into account since furnaces in Minnesota last between 10-15 years.


Due to milder temperatures in spring/fall, you as a homeowner are less likely to be using your heating system. This makes it the perfect opportunity to get your HVAC system replaced or repaired, as you’ll be able to survive a few days without having to rely on your system.

Better weather conditions are also a plus for the contractors installing your equipment. Win, win for everyone.


Your home HVAC systems are generally used less in spring/fall which also leads to fewer emergency HVAC situations.

This is great if you’re scheduling your new furnace to be installed. There will be better appointment availability, and your HVAC company can be more flexible and accommodating to your schedule.

Spring and Fall is the Best Time in Minnesota to Replace Your Furnace and Air Conditioner

The greatest chance to discover a bargain on a furnace occurs during spring and fall, when previous season models may be found. At Dean’s Home Services, we always have great specials going on, so be sure to check them out. Installation is also one of the most significant financial factors when getting a new furnace. In spring and fall, your technician will have fewer customer demands and might provide you with better value for your money. Because installation is one of the most critical monetary factors when buying a new furnace, you should use a company you can trust.

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