Does My Bathroom Fan Need Cleaning?

A bathroom fan is something you rarely think about but it plays an important role in your home. A fan helps with Indoor Air Quality by getting rid of both moisture and airborne contaminants inside of your home.

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When Should I Clean My Bathroom Fan?

Cleaning the fan in your bathroom is a simple DIY project and should be a part of your home cleaning routine. If you start to notice dust on the fan or notice that moisture seems to stick around the room longer than usual, it’s time to clean.

How to clean a bathroom fan

DIY Test to see how efficient your exhaust fan is working?

Hold a piece of toilet paper up to the fan. If it’s getting sucked up by the fan, it’s still working. 

How to Clean a Bathroom Fan

Step 1: Turn the fan off at the circuit breaker or switch. No electricity allowed.

Step 2: Remove the cover. Pull the fan cover down gently. If there are metal pins/spring clips on each side, squeeze gently to release the fan cover. You may see just a tab depending on the model.

Step 3: Wash the fan cover in a sink with soap and warm water. Or vacuum to clean the vent cover.

Step 4: Unplug the fixture.

Step 5: Depending on the model of your fan, remove visible screws and motor. (we are going in for a deep cleaning)

Step 6: Clean the fan blades and surrounding motor parts with a damp cloth. If you are not comfortable taking the motor out, you can just vacuum inside the fan housing and around the motor. 

Step 7: Clean the exhaust vent and surrounding area. Let everything dry out before replacing your vent cover.

Step 8: Reinstall your exhaust fan. 

Step 9: Turn the electricity back on.

Step 10: Enjoy a cleaner, more efficient exhaust.

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