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Why You Need Smart Home Automation

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Smart Home Automation – the future of living in Minnesota

Smart Home Automation and technology continue to improve the lives of homeowners.

You probably wouldn’t dream of living without a TV, a smartphone, or a computer. Today’s electronics have made our lives easier—and a lot more fun. However, adding smart home technology can add both value and convenience to any home. 

A centralized control system is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make when designing your home automation system. If your control interfaces aren’t streamlined and intuitive, you’re not getting the full comfort, convenience, and ease that automation brings to your home and lifestyle.  While every house is unique, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the benefits of a well-designed smart home that you are able to monitor and control from anywhere.

Minnesota Home Automation

The Best Smart Home Automation Systems

Smart home automation eases up every part of your daily life at home.

The best home automation systems allow you to build a customized sequence of actions activated at one time. In the morning, a “Rise and Shine” scene can roll up the window shades in your bedroom and living room, play music over the hidden speakers in the bedroom and pull up the weather on your tablet so that you can check the outdoor temps before you get out of bed.

You can activate scenes manually, and have them programmed or run by a single app, remote, or voice command.

Top Centralized Control Systems

  • Savant
  • Control 4

While these three individual products are known for being the best home automation systems, they’re also extremely flexible and can be integrated with a number of other programs.

Dean’s Technology designers believe in using home technology solutions that are both flexible and proven. The best smart systems bring the magic of technology into your home, these technologies can be integrated and will become the backbone of your home.

How Savant Home Automation Works

The Savant smart home system provides some of the most in-depth design and functionality available in the world of home automation. The system includes:

  1. The main hub
  2. A touchscreen remote
  3. A lamp control device

These three components communicate with one another over wifi and Bluetooth. The remote is able to control your TV and entertainment system along with anything that is connected to the lamp control device in the form of light fixtures. 

Best Things to Automate at Home

A fully automated home allows you to walk from room to room while controlling your home while using a single app.

A Safer, Smarter Home

Safety and security are major factors that home automation can deliver. With surveillance cameras both indoors and outside, along with smart alarms and door locks, you can rest assured that your home is safe and secure whether you’re home or away. Integrate your lighting and shading into your system’s “Away” setting so that while you’re gone, these technologies can function as they would if you were there – fooling any potential burglars into thinking you’re home.

Technology For the Entire Family

Want to learn more about smart home technology and how it can enhance every part of your living spaces – and every aspect of your day? Find out how Dean’s Home Automation & Entertainment is able to help.

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