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Water Jetting Specialists In The Twin Cities

Is there anything worse than a severely clogged drain? Not only can it put an entire bathroom or kitchen out of order, it can cause a variety of additional major plumbing problems. When a plunger or snake isn’t enough to tackle the job, you need the water jetting specialists at Dean’s!


You tried a plunger, you tired a snake and your drains are still clogged. Sometimes, roots, grease or soaps can cause a major blockage in your pipes that are too much for plungers and snakes. At Dean’s, we are the Twin Cities’ premier water jetting specialists and have equipment that can blast through clogs with up to 4,000 pounds of pressure! With our high-velocity water jets, our drain cleaning specialists have the technology and expertise to diagnose your problem and get even the toughest of clogs flowing smoothly.

High pressure sewer jetting very effective and restores your drain to a like-new condition! So the next time you experience a backup, call Dean’s Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drains. We offer same day and emergency service for the entire Twin Cities metro area, and we’ll get your home back into the flow of things no matter what’s slowing it down.

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