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#TuesdayTips Tips for Operating Your Garbage Disposal

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We love our garbage disposal but too often we forget to show it! When we use this beneficial tool improperly we tend to cause more harm than good – including clogs and other messy plumbing problems.

Here’s a few ways you can keep it operating nicely:

  • Always run cold water for 15 seconds before using it
  • Turn on the disposal and feed food into it with the cool water still running
  • Allow water to run with the disposal on for about 30 seconds after food has been flushed before turning it off
  • Anything other than biodegradable food should not be put down the disposal
  • Fibrous food or tough-skinned vegetables should also be kept out
  • Grease and oil can solidify in the disposal so keep those out as well
  • The disposal is not meant to grind large bones or fruit pits

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