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#TuesdayTips 5 Creative Uses for PVC Pipe


There is a growing demand for PVC piping in the consumer market these days due to it’s unique advantages to copper piping. If your choosing PVC for your future repiping needs, you may find yourself with some left over scraps.

So nothing goes to waste, we’re offering 5 creative uses for PVC:

Storage: Stray nails, screws, bolts, etc – whatever loose items you need to store. Stick a cap on the end and label the side.Voilà.

Controlling stray cords: Wiring from your electronics and other devices always seem to end up in the same place and tangled up together. Slide them through a piece of your leftover PVC pipe to contain them all to one straight space.

Elongate your vacuum hose: For those hard to reach areas with your vacuum, you have PVC! Secure an extension to the end of your house with duct tape.

Hang drapes: You trust PVC for your piping because it’s heavy duty, so why not trust it for your drapes? No need to go out and buy a curtain rod, as it’s hidden behind your valance anyway.

Make a bowling set for your kids: Just paint a couple of red stripes onto 10 even pieces and you have yourself a safe and fun game.

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