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Top FAQs For Our Plumbers

Plumber answers questions. Worker on a blue background with a spanner and questions in hand.Knowing what to do with your plumbing fixtures can be confusing. At Dean’s, we get a lot of questions about home plumbing. Here are some of our most common Q&A: 

Q: What causes a faucet to leak?

A: The most common reason for a leaky faucet is corroded pieces inside of the faucet. Usually, the valve seat, O-ring, or gasket is corroded and needs to be replaced. When these pieces are working properly, they hold back the water until you open your faucet. If these pieces become corroded, you will have a dripping faucet until the broken piece is replaced. If you need help, call Dean’s now!


Q: Can leaks get bigger over time?

A: Yes. Eventually, enough corrosion will be caused that a small leak will turn into an even bigger leak causing more damage to your home.


Q: Is there a difference between soft and hard water?

A: In a nutshell, yes. Soft water has been treated so there’s no buildup of harmful materials. Hard water contains an extreme amount of dissolved minerals including magnesium and calcium. Hard water can damage your skin, laundry, and pipes.


Q: What causes low water pressure in pipes?

A: There are a few things that can cause low water pressure, including clogged pipes, damaged water lines, and malfunctioning shut off valves. If you’re finding your water pressure is lower than usual, call Dean so we can help!


Q: Why does water back up into my sink when running my dishwasher?

A: The most common cause of this is food stuck in your garbage disposal. To help prevent this, run cold water down your disposal before running your dishwasher. If it’s currently clogged, plug and fill the sink up with cold water. Remove the plug and run the disposal so the pressure built up can flush out any blockage. 


Still searching for answers? View our complete list of plumbing FAQs, on our website.  If you need further assistance or want to set up an appointment, contact us today! Let the pros at Dean’s Professional Plumbing, Heating & Air handle all of your needs. Whether it’s a routine question, maintenance or an emergency call, we’re ready to help!

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