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Tips for Replacing Plumbing Fixtures

Homeowners who need to install a new plumbing fixtures such as a bathroom shower head or kitchen sink faucet should do their homework first to avoid wasting time and money or encountering unexpected problems. A kitchen or bathroom remodeling can be a major home project.

Use these tips from Plumbers with Dean’s Home Services if you’re looking to update, upgrade or just replace plumbing fixtures in your home.

Kitchen sink plumbing fixture

Plumbing Fixtures What You Should Know

Measure and Compare

It’s easy to think a particular plumbing fixture looks similar in size and shape to what you are already using just by eyeballing it. But take the time to accurately measure the fixture you’re looking to replace. If you can, take it with you when you go shopping so you can compare style, color, and size.

Invest in the Best

Buying quality plumbing fixtures rather than the most economical on the market is a smart investment. Quality brand name fixtures are built to be more durable and will last longer than cheap fixtures that can not only break easily but can also cause extensive water damage that represents an additional expense you didn’t expect.

Do Some Comparison Shopping

Avoid buying fixtures in a hurry because it pays to shop around. The local big box store may be convenient, but these stores may not offer the best in quality and pricing. Your local plumbing supply store can prove to be a great resource for finding the widest variety of fixtures available from top-name quality brands.

Dean’s Home Service Plumbing services works with local suppliers and have access to quality plumbing products from companies like Moën, Kohler and many more.

Dean’s plumber replacing plumbing fixture

Know What Functions You Need

In your search for just the right plumbing fixture, it’s easy to get confused and quickly become overwhelmed by the variety of supplies out there. Take a minute to jot down features of the fixture that are important to you, such as a double rather than single handle on a kitchen faucet, or a shower head that allows you to change the speed of the water pressure being dispensed.

Stay Energy Efficient

Plumbing fixture replacement offers the perfect time to install a part that can help represent energy savings for your household. Look for fixtures that carry a good Energy Star rating. Features on toilets and faucets such as high efficiency and low flow can help reduce your monthly energy costs.

Copper plumbing fixtures

Update Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures Without A Complete Renovation

You don’t need to gut your bathroom and remodel it from the ground up in order to get a trendy look. You can do this by simply swapping out the fixtures in the space, which is something that you can do yourself with relative ease. This is because plumbing fixtures are generally easy to remove, especially if you have an older home or one that was built before modern technology became standard.

When you’re thinking about what type of fixture you want, consider whether or not you want a more traditional or modern look for the space. If so, then a good place to start is by looking at some online images of bathrooms—this will give you ideas on what styles might work best given your needs (e.g., water pressure). Then compare those pictures against each other until one jumps out at YOU! If you need additional help, many supply houses have designers able to assist with ideas and advice.

In the final analysis, you can save yourself time and money when replacing plumbing fixtures by relying on Dean’s Home Services to get the job done right. We install only quality brand name fixtures built for durability and energy efficiency. Call us today for a no-obligation free estimate.

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