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The Importance of a Winter Furnace Tune-up

A furnace is one of those necessities that most of us don’t want to think about – we just expect that for about six months out of every year, it will function properly. But “proper functioning” doesn’t happen by accident.

Do you get your car’s oil changed regularly? Most people do, and here’s why: we will ALWAYS prefer routine preventative car maintenance to unexpected emergency car repairs. Hey, we’d rather pay $30 four times a year than $300 when we least expect it.

Your home’s furnace is not unlike your car – a little routine maintenance can save you lots of time and plenty of money in the long run. Consider these advantages to an annual furnace tune-up:

  • Cost-savings: Regular furnace tune-ups increase the efficiency and longevity of your home’s heating system. Minor potential problems are discovered early – when repair costs are still manageable, before they blossom into full-blown furnace failure – when costs skyrocket!
  • Convenience: While you can schedule a tune-up for the day and time that works best for you, you will never have any say about the timing of furnace failure. Regular check-ups prevent unexpected failure.
  • Safety: Your furnace sits idle for six months of the year, and then almost overnight it needs to function at full capacity. This pattern of use is hard on any machine – including your furnace. But with regular maintenance, you can catch carbon monoxide leaks and other hazardous problems before they become emergencies.
  • Comfort: There’s no reason you shouldn’t be comfortable in your own home, yet many homeowners forget the small stuff: humidifier adjustments, filter replacements, etc. They forget these things because they don’t think about furnaces all day, every day like we do at Dean’s. An annual tune-up means you don’t have to sweat the small stuff – that’s OUR job.

Visit our website now to schedule an appointment. Remember: routine furnace maintenance increases its efficiency and longevity.

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