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Smart Home Lighting Trends For 2022

Technologies that make our lives easier are constantly evolving. We are now seeing rapid advancements in the smart home space, and lighting is one of the fastest-growing segments in this space. It’s predicted the smart home lighting market will grow to a value of over $10 billion by 2024.

There are many reasons why smart lighting has become so popular, but it comes down to three main factors: energy efficiency, ease of use, and security.

Smart home lighting also opens up a world of opportunities for homeowners who may not have had access to light in the past.

Take a look at trends we can expect from smart home lighting in 2022 and beyond…

Smart Home Lighting Trends for 2022

Smart home lighting

Intelligent Lighting Controls

The first trend we see in smart home lighting is increasingly intelligent lighting controls. Many smart home lighting control systems are designed to work with specific brand of light bulbs. However, with the growth of the Internet of Things, we are seeing lights being able to work with other products and systems. This means that lighting controls will become more sophisticated as they link to other systems — such as sensors, cameras, and smart appliances — that can analyze data and provide feedback.

Voice-activated Lighting

Another trend we expect to see in smart lighting is voice-activated lighting. We have already seen this trend take off in smart home assistants like the Amazon Echo, Google Home and Josh.AI. However, we expect to see this functionality expand to other devices, like smart wall switches and remote controls.

This will allow people to easily control light switches and dimmers with their voice, making it easier for homeowners to control their lights remotely. In addition, voice-activated lighting also makes it easier for people with limited mobility to control their lights.

Smart LED Lighting

LED lights have existed for some time, but they have really taken off in the smart home lighting space. One of the main reasons for this is that they are more energy efficient than other forms of lighting.

Additionally, they also allow homeowners to control the level of brightness of their lights remotely, making them more convenient.

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Color Changeable Lighting

Another trend we can expect to see in smart home lighting is color changeable lighting. Although not a completely new concept, we expect to see this technology advance as more homeowners become interested in it. Color Changing bulbs are not just for decoration.

This technology can be used to create a well-lit environment that is ideal for different activities, such as reading and relaxation. This means that homeowners have an added level of control over the lighting in their home that is not available with standard light bulbs.

Smart Security Lights

Another trend we can expect to see in smart home lighting is the emergence of smart security and surveillance lights. These types of lights are designed to turn on automatically when people are detected on the property.

This is ideal for homeowners who want some added security without having to install cameras and sensors.
(if you’re interested security cameras and locks, the technology and integration of AI is incredible)

These lights can also be programmed to turn on and off at certain times of the day. What’s more, some brands of smart security lights are even designed to change color when they sense a fire. This means they can double as fire alarms when they detect smoke.

Overall, the future of smart home lighting looks bright. As people become more concerned about the environment and their energy usage, they will be increasingly interested in investing in more efficient light bulbs.

As we progress further into the 2020s, we can expect to see even more advancements in the world of smart home lighting.

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