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Water Leak Detection & Repair in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN

A water leak in the home is incredibly annoying. The continual water flow can result in high water bills and pipe or fixture corrosion over time. If water is dripping from your kitchen or bathroom sink, bathtub, laundry room, or other location in your home, contact Dean’s Professional Plumbers to help you today!

There are two types of leaks that homeowners come across: emergency leaks that result in flooding and concealed insidious leaks. An emergency plumber should be contacted if water is gushing out of your bathroom pipes. Mold and stained walls are symptoms of a leak that is hidden in your plumbing system. Hidden leaks should be addressed as soon as possible, as they may result in serious problems down the road such as structural damage.

Where to Find Water Leaks in Minnesota Homes

  • Behind Walls
  • Basements and Crawlspaces
  • Radiant heat systems
  • Leaking toilets, showers, or sinks
  • Water pipes
  • Damaged roofs
  • Under concrete slabs
  • Burst water lines and pipes
  • Old or damaged water heaters

Dean’s Plumbing Services the Entire Minneapolis and St. Paul Area

Dean’s Home Services is experienced in finding and repairing water leaks in each part of your home. Serving the Minneapolis – St. Paul area and nearby communities, Dean’s Home Services is based out of Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park area but Dean’s service area includes the entire Twin Cities area.

The Most Common Types of Leaks

  • Pinhole Leaks
  • Pipe leaks under sinks
  • Slab leaks/Foundational leaks
  • Leaks behind drywall
  • Toilet leaks
  • Water heater leaks
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