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Dry air in your home can lead to a host of problems including dry skin, scratchy throats, respiratory issues, and irritated noses. These conditions typically occur in the winter months when cold air forces us close our windows and turn on our heat. Dryness in your home also occurs in warmer summer months as the temps remain high.

Dry air can also cause issues in your home including:

  • Static electricity
  • House plants that dry out
  • Hardwood floor damage, specifically separation between the seams
  • Wall paper damage

At Dean’s Home Services, we take all of these factors into consideration. Our trained technicians will assess your home and help you choose a humidifier that’s right for you. Contact Dean’s for more information.

For a Humidifiers specialist in the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas, schedule an appointment today.

With Dean’s Humidifiers Services You Get:

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