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A Space That Match Your Lifestyle

Your home shouldn’t stop at the front door. We believe that life is more than just living indoors, especially here in Minnesota. Dean’s Home Services is all about helping you find new ways to enjoy your property, your guests and yourself. 

From private patios to expansive grounds, Technology Designers help you navigate just what’s possible. Transform your outdoor living with immersive sound and video for your patio, pool, lake side cabin or outdoor bar. 

Outdoor Solutions For Minnesota Weather

It’s no secret that time is precious, so we’ve made it super easy to set things up ahead of time. From automated lighting to live streaming entertainment systems, Dean’s Home Services has got everything covered. Now you can enjoy the great outdoors and extend your home’s livable space by implementing speakers, subwoofers, televisions, and more on your patio or throughout your entire landscape.

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Outdoor Living Space Design

We understand that people are constantly looking for new ways to change up their lives. That’s why we don’t lock you in with a one-size-fits-all solution – we offer a variety of options so you have the freedom to change with the seasons.  The beauty and quality of your landscape will never be sacrificed. 

Many speakers and subwoofers can either be buried or very strategically hidden so that you and your guests will be enjoying music without knowing where it is even coming from.  There are both wireless and hard-wired options but it is very important that all electrical work be done correctly to ensure that it will provide optimal performance and safety for your home while being exposed to outdoor elements.  Further, your outdoor entertainment including audio, video and lighting, can be incorporated into your home automation for ease-of-use and efficiency.  Install high-quality outdoor audio, video and lighting to enhance your business or make your home feel like the resort paradise you have always wanted.


For a Outdoor Living Space specialist in the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas, schedule an appointment today.

With Dean’s Outdoor Living Space Services You Get:

  • Experts able to help you with lifestyle designed solutions for your home
  • Plans that are developed in real-time based on budget and expectations
  • Experienced Technology Designers that keep you educated during all phases of your home automation & entertainment project
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