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Do you need quality Minneapolis furnace maintenance and repair? Call Dean’s Home Services for fast, expert service that always gets results. We will send a qualified technician to your home to provide you with the solutions you need.

Watch for These Home Furnace Problems

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A broken furnace is never fun, especially during a Minnesota winter. Furnace maintenance by a Dean’s HVAC service professional can help you catch smaller furnace issues before they get too serious by watching for specific signs of trouble. Some of the more common signs of furnace trouble are:

  • Elevated heating bills
  • Unpleasant odors coming from the unit itself. This is an especially bad sign if you have a gas furnace.
  • Loud banging, scraping or knocking sounds
  • The inability of the heater to match what you’ve set on your thermostat

Furnace Maintenance in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

If you want to save yourself time and money over the long term, having yearly furnace maintenance performed is a good idea.

The average life expectancy for a typical furnace is about 14–20 years. As a precautionary measure, we recommend that you have your furnace checked and furnace tune-up every year. Frequent check-ups also help identify whether or not your furnace needs to be replaced entirely, preventing any unexpected breakdowns.

As your furnace continues to age, you might notice that it struggles to keep your home at an even temperature and fulfill your heating demands. If you are unsure of your system’s condition, annual maintenance or furnace tune up by our Minneapolis furnace maintenance

Make sure to also watch out for the signs that your furnace is breaking down, since waiting too long to upgrade your furnace can be hazardous for your entire property. If you have NO HEAT coming from your furnace, you need help right away! Our trained furnace Minneapolisrepair experts can assist you in determining what furnace repair would be necessary. We also offer an online furnace assessment to get you started!

Our installers are fully licensed, and they make sure that they abide by all city codes and permits.

Local furnace services near me? Call Dean’s Home Services

If you schedule the home heating maintenance visit shortly before the normal heating season, your furnace will be clean and running as efficiently as possible throughout the upcoming winter.

An efficient system means fewer furnace repairs, so you won’t have to be as diligent when it comes to looking for signs of trouble and the monthly bills will be less. Having regular maintenance on your furnace provides several benefits that you will notice over the course of the entire year.

Minneapolis Furnace Installation

When you are ready for a home furnace installation, it’s important to you get the right equipment that’s installed by a reputable local heating and cooling company. Our home heating services provide timely, professional, and accurate manufacturer-authorized service for your furnace maintenance in Minneapolis MN.

Dean’s Home Services for repairs, replacement, and installation in Minneapolis St. Paul MN

When choosing a local home heating company for furnace maintenance, trust Dean’s Home Services but we’re more than just a home heating and cooling company. We also specialize in Plumbing, Electrical, Drains, and Air Duct Cleaning. Our home service professionals serve the entire Twin Cities area, from Burnsville, MN to Edina, MN, and Blaine, MN to St. Paul and everywhere in between. Dean’s Home Services

What is a furnace tune-up?

Keeping your furnace running smoothly is like keeping your car running smoothly. Both need routine maintenance to keep them working properly, avoid problems, and keep your warranty intact.
A furnace tune-up is a way of saying “maintenance service.” Just like service for your car, tune-up maintenance will keep your furnace working properly. Tune-ups should only be done by trained and qualified heating technicians.
Minneapolis furnaces can run nine months of the year. Based on the average temperatures in our area, if you compared running your furnace to a car it would get the equivalent of 1.8 million miles over its expected lifespan of 15 years. Your heating system will work hard for you, but like your car, doing routine and regular maintenance will keep it running smoothly, avoid problems, and keep your warranty intact.

Why is my furnace so loud?

You might be experiencing an extra noisy furnace. To find out what’s causing the noise, call for a furnace service appointment or fill out the request service form. This is a diagnostic service call, not a maintenance issue.
Heating equipment and ductwork make noise as they heat and cool, and as the heat comes on and off. A boom, rattle, hum, or fan noise is common. But more significant noise complaints about furnaces can indicate other issues. Loud systems and humming or rattling noises can come from a loose duct. Ducts can be reinforced and made tighter to reduce vibration noise. There are a number of reasons from small to big, an HVAC professional with Dean’s Home Services will be able to help.

For a Furnace Maintenance specialist in the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas, schedule an appointment today.

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