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Furnace Repair – Minneapolis St. Paul MN

Trust the Twin Cities’ Heating Repair Professionals

Dealing with a furnace breakdown? Dean’s Home Services Heating professionals provide exceptional customer service that you can count on. Our Minneapolis heating professionals are trained and certified to repair your furnace and home heating system.

Dean’s Home Home Heating Repairs Services include:

  • Furnace diagnosis, repair, and replacement service.
  • Furnace repairs for all models including Carrier, Trane, Amana, and many more.
  • Fast, Friendly, and experienced home furnace experts with over 5,000 Five-Star Google Reviews
Minneapolis Furnace repair professional from Dean's Home Services fixing a broken furnace


Outrageously Professional Service

Dean’s Minneapolis Furnace Repair professionals are the best place to call for furnace repair in Minneapolis St. Paul and the surrounding Twin Cities area. As a local heating company, we’ve provided Twin Cities with. Residential heating repairs for over 25 years. Dean’s Home Services heating professionals are experts prepared to help you today.

  • HVAC Professionals with up to the date knowledge and experience.
  • Customer service focused on providing an outrageously professional experience.
  • Upfront pricing charging by the job.

HVAC Repairs Minneapolis St. Paul

Home Heating Furnace repairs, replacement, and installers

Boiler Repair, Replacement, and Installation

Emergency Minneapolis furnace repairs

Heat Pump Repair, Replacement, and Installation

Radiant Floor Heating Repair and Installation

Garage Heater Installation and Replacement

Call Dean’s Home Services for Minneapolis – St. Paul area home heating repairs. Dean’s Heating Professionals repair residential furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps.

Experienced, Certified Heating and Cooling Professionals

Minnesota winters can be brutal, and the last thing you need is a broken furnace. With our experienced, certified Minneapolis furnace repair specialists, you’ll have peace of mind that your home will stay warm all winter long.

  • Fast, Reputable Minneapolis HVAC Professionals dedicated to customer service.
  • Experienced furnace inspection, Furnace repair and Furnace cleaning services.
  • Minneapolis St. Paul area Furnace repair, maintenance, and replacement.
  • Local HVAC Company, Female & Minority Owned
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Furnace Repair Minnesota Professionals

Dean’s Minneapolis Heating and Cooling repair professionals provide exceptional customer service that you can count on. Our experienced Minneapolis furnace repairmen are trained and certified to repair 

Nobody wants to deal with a broken furnace during a Minnesota winter. Call Dean’s furnace repair Minneapolis specialists for heating repair service in Minneapolis St. Paul and the surrounding Twin Cities area. Dean’s Minnesota furnace repair services include the entire metro, from Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park to Eden Prairie to Eagan and St. Paul to Forest Lake.

Dean’s Home Services also offers HVAC service in St. Cloud, MN.

Don’t face a Minnesota winter night without a well-functioning HVAC System. Contact Dean’s Heating Professionals, we provide heating inspection of your home’s furnace, provide repairs, and when necessary, furnace replacement services. We can even set you up with a Dean’s Club Membership that includes an annual furnace evaluation.

Furnace Repair Near Me

  • Experienced Local HVAC Service
  • Minneapolis Same-Day Repair Service for the entire Twin Cities area.
  • Fast, Friendly HVAC repairs in Minneapolis

From replacing dirty filters to repairing broken heat exchanges, Dean’s Home Services Heating Professionals are ready to help you today!

Protect Your Home with Annual Furnace Maintenance

Getting an annual furnace tune-up can help save you money in the long run.

While many people think that a furnace is just something they turn on when they want heat, the truth is that they are actually pretty complex machines that require regular maintenance if they are going to work well. Furnace maintenance is a key part of improved efficiency.

As a local heating company, we know that the best way to ensure the lifespan of your home heating system is with annual maintenance. HVAC Furnace Maintenance includes a 21-point furnace tune-up, cleaning, heating evaluation, and much more.

Change the filter on your furnace regularly. This is an important step to help ensure that your system continues running smoothly and efficiently.

Changing the filter in a timely manner can also help prevent any issues with performance or efficiency, so it’s important to remember to do this at least once every three months. When changing the filter, make sure to:

  • Replace with a new one of the same type as before (e.g., if you’re using a pleated filter, replace it with another pleated filter).
  • Replace if there are signs of damage that may be affecting its effectiveness (e.g., holes or tears in the material).

Our Twin Cities furnace installation team at Dean’s Home Services can help guide you through the process to ensure you receive the unit that is right for you and your home.

Minnesota Home Heating FAQ

When does my furnace need to be repaired?

These are some common signs your furnace needs to be repaired.
The temperature in your home is not what you’ve set the thermostat to
There are hot and cold spots in your home
Your heater runs continuously or won’t turn on
The thermostat is broken or doesn’t function properly
Your furnace or ductwork is making strange sounds
Bad odors are coming from your ductwork when you turn on the heat
There is an unexplained increase in your power bills

What Causes a furnace to stop working?

Air ducts that are damaged, cracked, or loosened, can result in air leaks and heating inefficiencies
Dirty or clogged burners, can result in a loss of heat from the system
A broken heat exchanger will impact your heater’s performance and can be dangerous to your health
Faulty limit switch, leading to issues with the fan constantly running
Malfunctioning electric ignitions, thermocouples, or pilot lights, which may lead to a loss of heating capabilities
Damaged or worn-down components such as the blower belt, motor, or ball bearings, which can cause noisy operation, but can also affect the system’s fan functions and ability to circulate air as needed

Who to call for furnace repair

Furnace repairs should be handled by experienced HVAC professionals with an understanding of a residential heating system. Dean’s Home Services Heating and Cooling professionals have the training and experience to recognize and repair issues with your home heating system.

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