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Reorganize Your Bathroom on a Budget


Bathrooms are a famous place for clutter as multiple family members tend to be in and out of them everyday. Is your bathroom in desperate need of a little TLC but you can’t afford to break the bank?

You don’t have to! Spruce up this space with the following tips for reorganizing on a budget:

Use a spice rack: Though most commonly used in the kitchen, thinking outside the box is exactly the strategy you need for keeping costs low. Spice racks are an ideal way to store the top culprits of clutter, such as nail polish and cosmetics.

Identify the main problem: What is actually making your bathroom a victim of messiness? Is it towels being left on the floor, with no place to hang? Do you not have enough cabinet space for storing extra shampoo and soap? Pinpoint the main reason for your problem first so you know where to spend your money next. If an over-the-toilet rack is going to make all the difference, as far as loose tissue boxes and hand-towels are concerned, spend the money there.

Buy a few accent baskets: Baskets are an affordable, stylish way to add storage space to your bathroom. Plop one on the back of the toilet or to the side of the sink. You’ll have a homey feel with a neat look.

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