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Radiant Floor Heating Myths Debunked

How far back does radiant floor heating date? You may be thinking that it hasn’t been around for very long but that actually isn’t the case! Radiant floor heating dates all the way back to the ancient Romans who used circulating warm water underneath their marble floors. Pretty cool, right? We think so.


Given the long history of radiant floor heating, hearing myths about it is common. We’ll set a few things straight below:

Myth: Electrical floor heating is difficult to install.

Fact: In actuality, heating mats can be mounted to any floor, old or new. No matter the type of subfloor, installation time will be just about the same.

Myth: Radiant floor heating can only be used in the bathroom.

Fact: Once again, this is not the case. Radiant floor heating can be used in just about any room of the house and it’s energy efficient.

Myth: A fault means you have to rip up the entire floor.

Fact: Most floor heating options are built to last for a very long time. In a case where too much moisture gets underneath the floor, the problem can be pinpointed to within just a few centimeters so there is no need to rip up the entire floor.

Radiant floor heating systems offer a feeling of warmth and comfort that gets directly to the center of our bodies. Give Dean’s Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drains a call today to find out more information.

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